My offer

What can I offer you?

Exactly what I myself needed while learning the language 13 years ago: conversations in French!

Everyday spoken French is my speciality and I feel very comfortable in this area. I’d like our on-line lesson to be like a chat with a friend from France.  I’m here to listen to you, so we discuss topic that are important to you, that you’re interested in. We’ll practice the language during the conversations. I’ll help you be more confident in you linguistic capabilities, you’ll enrich you vocabulary and get to know a lot of fun facts and other useful information about living in France.

Who is my offer for?

You know the basis of French, you have fairly good vocabulary and yet you feel like you’re hitting a wall when you try to speak French? Your level doesn’t quite satisfy you? You’re missing some practice to speak more fluently? You’d like to try a new form of learning? My classes can be the exact thing for you!

My lessons take the form of conversations, but if you need to upgrade your language level or prefer a more classic approach, I adapt entirely to your needs.

My main goal is to help people break through their blocks to speak French with confidence, by adapting to their individual pace.

Whether you are looking to improve your communication in French, maintain a good level or simply speak French with confidence, I am here to support you on your linguistic journey.

Together, we will ensure that French is a language that you master in all situations of your daily or professional life, always in a relaxed and caring atmosphere! 🙂

So what does it exactly look like?

On discute !

We settle on the time and date and we connect on a platform of your choice (Google Meet, Teams, Skype etc.) and we talk in French for 60 mins. If you level allows it, we can have the whole lesson in French. I’d like for us to maximise the time to learn. I’ll send you a shared Google Doc where we can save new vocabulary and phrases.

Sometimes I’ll use learning materials, (I prepare them myself), which will help us in the discussion and will add some new vocabulary on a given topic. Most often we’ll have lessons in the form of expression libre, when we’ll just simply talk in french. Trust me, it’s a great exercise!

Couple of tips

If it’s possible pick a time and place which allows you to concentrate and make notes (digital or manual).

I know it’s not always easy to find time to learn but I encourage you to have regular meetings for best results.

Learning with me is meant to be enjoyable so don’t stress! 😊

I usually don’t give you homework, however, consider surrounding yourself with the French language outside of your classes. French podcasts, YouTube channels, series and books… I’ll happily recommend something based on your interests. And if you have the slightest question relating to French, I remain reachable and reactive to accompany you even outside of our classes!

Inform me about any topics that you consider to be taboo or triggering for you and you’d prefer for us to not bring them up. It’s very important for me that you feel comfortable during the lessons.

If you need help with ant specific issue I’ll gladly adjust to your personal needs!